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Do I only work with Christians?  


No! I will work with anyone who wants to improve their life and do the work necessary to make it happen. Christianity isn’t just a part of my life, but everything I do is affected by my relationship with God. If you are comfortable with that, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and schedule a free discover session.



What is the investment for coaching?  

I like to have 3 coaching sessions per month with clients, where each session runs one hour. This allows a week off to reflect and practice the habits you are creating in pursuit of your best self. The financial investment for 3 session per month is $270, if booked as a Plan. Booking per session increases the price to $120. Why? Because I believe so strongly in the value of long-term coaching that I am willing to provide it at a discount.


If the cost of coaching seems high, consider the lost value of waiting to implement necessary changes in your life. If you could remove those habits or mindsets that are holding you back from success in any area of life, what could that free you up to accomplish? How much is that worth? The answer varies from person to person, but for most of us the chance to excel is priceless! 

What can I expect in the sessions?  

I coach primarily around the COACH model, developed by Kieth Webb. It is similar to many other models in that the goal of each session is to identify the client’s desired area of change, discover what is holding them back, and create action steps for change. The five phases in the COACH model are: 

  1. Connect 

  2. Outcome 

  3. Awareness 

  4. Course 

  5. Highlights 

This gives a road map for each session which ends with action steps the client agrees to work on that week. Quality coaching is client-centered, where the coach acts as a guide to listen closely and help uncover what is holding them back. Together, the coach and the client form a powerful team that launches the client into the future they want.


Is coaching like therapy? 


Coaching and therapy are cousins, and each has elements of the other. However, it is essential to know that coaching is NOT therapy/counseling. While I have a Master's degree in executive leadership and life coaching, and have spent many hours with people in pastoral counseling, the coaching we do together is consultative in nature. This does NOT include mental health counseling, therapy, diagnosis, or treatment. Engaging in coaching session does not constitute a therapist-patient relationship. If you currently have untreated/un-managed mental health issues, those are best addressed and treated prior to engaging in coaching or concurrently with coaching services. If you present issues that are outside the scope of coaching, I reserve the right to end the session and refer you to more appropriate care. For more information, read my blog post on the subject here.

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